TFA Courses

Our Football program has been carefully developed around FA guidelines to offer age appropriate coaching, playing opportunities and feedback to create a positive and constructive pathway towards competitive football.

Classes are run by qualified football coaches and ex professional players, who not only teach football specific skills and game sense, but are also experienced in developing the child as a whole, including aspects such as teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.

All this takes place in a fun, friendly environment where children both learn and develop a love for the game!

We also provide the opportunity to experience team skills and play through matches using small teams that are changed often, and an end of season tournament.

Football Fundamental
Children participating in midweek coaching programs progress through a two-part coaching pathway.
Football Fundamental works on basic agility, balance and coordination skills and group cooperation, in order to introduce the basic techniques and concepts of football. From the age of 6 and above, players are developed and tested using TFA Challenge tests,  boys and girls will love using to measure their own improvement over time. All participants will receive certification and medals at the end of each program.

Football Tots (Ages 3- 4-5)
This class is a fun introduction to football, and develops motor skills such as running and jumping, as well as introducing basic football skills such as kicking and dribbling. Fun games and drills are used, and when working on football skills children will almost always have one ball each, so that they learn to enjoy football and progress quickly!

Under 7’s: (Ages 6-7)
In addition to kicking and dribbling, control, first touch and other techniques are taught and practiced, as the objective is to learn how to control and touch the ball for later years. These are introduced in fun, enjoyable games, which also begin to introduce the idea of group cooperation.

Under 9’s: (Ages 8-9)
The focus again is on control, dribbling, first touch, and technique, building on the skills already developed. A wider range of drills are introduced, also aimed at preparing players for games and challenges.

Under 11’s:  (Ages 10-11)
Dribbling and control continue to be very important, but with more emphasis put upon these techniques performed under pressure. Children are now introduced to team play and positional understanding, as well as encouraged into problem solving situations. Passing, shooting, attacking/defending play are looked at in basic technique drills to help develop players correctly.

Under 13’s:  (Ages 12-13+)
More focus is put upon passing, shooting, attacking/defending, movement, and team play. Players learn how to perform more complex techniques and when to best use them, in preparation for game situations. Players are encouraged to solve football problems and be creative and expressive with their style of play.

Speed, Agility and Quickness
We incorporate Speed, Agility and Quickness drills across our coaching programs. This is an exciting and fun way to help children understand the importance of skills including: running technique, foot placement, changing direction, jumping, landing, accelerating, stopping, twisting, turning and reacting. We use equipment such as floor ladders, foot hurdles and agility poles to develop every child’s understanding and ability in this, which is beneficial for almost every sport.

Football Parents!
Parents play a crucial part in supporting the involvement of their children in football.  TFA aims to help parents play a positive role, recognizing that involvement in football can greatly influence the development of children, both in the football environment and in their overall lifestyles, aimed at helping both parents and coaches see things from a child’s perspective!