About us


Our philosophy is to provide the best learning environment where players can gain experience from professional players while maintaining a safe and fun learning atmosphere.

Our goal is to develop skilled confident and creative players and make the game fun to practice and play. We also will teach good sportsmanship and respect for all players, coaches and officials. We want the players to value winning but not more than character and performance.

We believe that team techniques and tactics are important but they cannot fully compensate for poor ball control, inaccurate basic skills or other general weaknesses. A team's success is only as effective as the individual players that make it up.


About Us

TFA is a Bahraini Football school which offers a unique opportunity for young players to develop their skills in a challenging and fun environment. The academy is dedicated to promote football to youths in Bahrain. The academy would be a community based organization that aims to discover potential players and prosper their knowledge to become good role models in the community.

Academy services:

Our primary mission is to coach and train young football players. In addition, the academy will provide skill development programs. We also specialize in setting up and running football programs for pre-school, kindergarten and public/private schools. Our services are designed for youth players of all ages and all skill levels. We aim to provide a stimulating, enjoyable, and challenging environment for all players.

Developing football skills
Develop mental skills
Developing player’s flexibility
Developing player’s compatibility
Teaching laws of the game
Organizing friendly games
Participating in tournaments
Provide nutritional guidance
Developing good behavior and sportsman ship
Communication with family and school
Concentrate on player’s health & security
Emergency plans
Provide related knowledge through conferences and workshops